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thuvaram paruppu(in Tamil) | Toor Dal (in Hindi) | Udhaiyam Split Gram Lentil (in English) | Tur dal (in Telugu)|

Udhaiyam Brand

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udhaiyam  Toor dal | Thuvaram Paruppu | Buy Online | Nutrition facts | Recipes 

 in tamil thuvaram paruppu. The only brand using advanced technology revolutionary Z-Series technology from the UK. By using these technic quality is checked by every single stage of refining. For the purity of dhall, they removed the tiniest flaws and spotted them. Toor dhal price best, when compared with quality. 1kg and 5kg packs are available.

 Nutrition facts

Serving Size – 1kg

  • Toor dal calories – 330 kcal
  • Carbohydrate      – 54.80g
  • Proteine               – 24.90g
  • Fat                        –  1.3g
  • Fiber                    – 1.23g
  • Mineral               – 2.50g


  • B1                        – 0.28mg
  • B2                       – 0.12mg
  • B3                       – 1.92mg
  • Carotenes          – 108.60mg
  • Folic Acid         – 98.20mg

Toor dal  Recipes

Chettinad Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu : one of the traditional curry/Kuzhambu from the Chettinad region of South India. This preparation is very simple and has a perfect mix of flavors. Firstly, we want to soak thuvar dhal and channa dhal for one hour. Secondly, and most important, strain the water and add red chillies and salt and grind coarsely. Next step, add cut onions and grated coconut. Finally, mixed well and make small size balls. By, using these balls we can prepare the delicious Chettinad cuisine special Paruppu urundai kulambu. Best combo with rice, idli and dosa.

INGREDIENTS: Thoor dhal-100 grams, Channa dhal-100 grams, Small onions–100 grams, Garlic-2 full, Big onions-1, Tamarind–1 big gooseberry size, Sambhar powder–4 tsp, Rock salt-11/4tsp, Turmeric powder—1/4tsp, Grated coconut-2tsp, Seasonings mustard seeds, urud dhal, sombu, milagu, Asafoetida, fenugreek powder, oil for frying and seasoning.

Watch the full recipe video on Youtube channel Uma’s delicacies and Tips. Here you can find Video link for the recipe,

thuvaram paruppu(in Tamil) | Toor Dhal (in Hindi) | Udhaiyam Split Gram Lentil (in English) | Tur dal (in Telugu)|

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