Udhaiyam Urad Dal


Udhayam ulutham paruppu (in Tamil) |  Udhayam Urad Dhal (in HIndi) | Uzhunnu (in Malayalam) | Udhayam Orid  Dhall (in English)

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Udhaiyam Urad Dal | Buy Online | Health Benefits | Nutrition facts | Recipes 

udhayam urad dal is one of the best products in udhayam paruppu brand using advanced technology for quality checks for every stage. They use revolutionary z-serious technology from the UK. udhayam urad dhal only uses this technology in entire south-east Asia. We are selling udhayam urad dal price comparatively low with leading online shopping.

udhayam urad dal Nutrition facts

Serving Size 100g

  • Energy                     – 325Kcal
  • Carbohydrate        – 56.10g
  • Protein                    – 22.40g
  • Fat                           – 1.26g
  • Fibre                       – 0.86g
  • Minerals                – 3.01mg


  • Carotin               –   36.80mcg
  • B1 Vitamin         –    0.38mg
  • B2 Vitamin         –   0.12mg
  • B3 Vitamin         –    0.38mg
  • Folic Acid          –    118.20mcg

Udhayam urad Dal Health Benefits

  • Good for the vegan and low-fat diet.
  • Rich dietary fiber major source of proteins and carbohydrate.
  • Aids in digestion with high glutamic acid content.
  • An amino acid is responsible for meaty flavor.
  • It improves hemoglobin count because packed with high energy iron content.

udhayam ulunthu Recipes

Many South Indian recipes can make with udhayam ulutham paruppu.

Urud Dhal Chutney | உளுந்து சட்னி

This flavorful and nutritious Chutney made with lentils/urud dhal pairs well with idli, dosa, and kullipaniyaram. You can also serve it with rice with a spoonful of ghee. The crunching from the urud dhal is highlighted in the Chutney.
           It is a simple and tasty Chutney made with urud dhal, red chilies, tamarind and salt. The tamarind balances the spiciness of the red chilies. Fry the urud dhal in medium flame to avoid the burning of the dhal. When you fry the urud dhal it gives a nice aroma. Video link for here’s how you can make it.
Kalkandu vadai | Rock candy vadai | கற்கண்டு வடை | Sweet Vadai :

Kalkandu vada is a traditional Chettinad cuisine with special sweet vada. It is usually prepared for all the Chettiar household occasions and festivals like Diwali and Pillayar nombu. It is crispy outside and soft inside.

       Firstly, the batter is prepared by soaking urud dhal and raw rice together. Then, grinding either a coarsely ground rock candy. Next, and most importantly, don’t use icing sugar as it contains cornflour.
       Secondly, the consistency of the batter and the shaping method are slightly complicated. So I recommend that before you attempt the recipe you can watch my video. where I have explained step by step.
Ingredients: Urud dhal—-200grams, Raw rice—–25grams, Kalkandu—150grams, Jaggery—–20grams, Oil for frying.

Making of Chettinad Idli & Red Chilli Thanni Coconut Chutney Recipe:

Easy way to Idly, here you can find a not only easy way to find how to make. Making of the idly most important one is, idly want to be soft. for your Conveyance here we give video link.  We think it’s useful for you. Expect your valuable comments on the review place.


How to make  உளுந்து அடை (Urid dhal adai) :

Ulunthu adai, the best recipe for dinner. when you are making with udhayam urad dal that will very special to you. Because udhayam brand selects only good quality dal. Especially, their brand processing fully different way. Here for your easy understanding, we attach the video link. Really it’s useful for you. We welcome your comments


Instant Ulutham kali | Relax time healthy Recipe making :

Sometimes it will be your favorite recipe. Just once try to make it and it’s more healthy. here you can find a video link for making Ulutham kali. 

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