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Compare Price for Online Grocery Shopping

Compare Price for Online grocery Shopping FMCG Hub. We provide some essential products at the best price and can compare the price with your favourite stores.

List of Essential Products

  • Ulutham Paruppu  – வெள்ளை உளுந்து  –  1 kg  – Rs.120/-  Click Here to buy
  • Thuvaram Paruppu – துவரம் பருப்பு        –  1 kg – Rs.105/-   Click Here to buy
  • SS Brand Rajabogam Rice                             –  25 kg – Rs.1600/- Click Here to buy
  • Idely Rice                                                            –  10 kg – Rs. 465/-  Click Here to buy
  • Aashirvaad superior mp Atta                    –    1 kg – Rs.53/-       Click Here to buy  

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