Moong Dal | பாசி பருப்பு


Paasi Paruppu (in Tamil)| Moong Dal (in English) | பாசி பருப்பு (in Tamil letters) Cherupayaru (in malayalam) | Sabut Mung (in Hindi)

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Paasi paruppu Dal is one of the most widely used Dal. here you can find pasi paruppu 1kg price, Recipe, and nutrition values.

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pasi paruppu in english moong dal

Paasi paruppu in english moong dal.

Suppose you can’t identify the dal by name we give pasi paruppu image. Because it’s different from pachai payaru

The following are 7 Pasi Paruppu Benefits (in Tamil just translate from Google) of eating

  1. It is a powerful source of vegetarian protein and it contains vitamins A, B, C, and E.
  2. Healthy weight loss food due to its low in fat.
  3. Regulate blood pressure as it has rice in fiber and low cholesterol levels.
  4. Stabilize blood sugar due to its complex carbohydrate in form of high fiber, which aids digestion.
  5. Contains anti-cancer properties. it is used in ancient south Asian medicine.
  6. Regular consumption of diet is highly beneficial for people having a high blood sugar levels.
  7. Detoxifies the body and improves the immune system due to its more minerals including iron, calcium and potassium.

Paasi Paruppu | Nutritional Value of Moong Dal

Although they are almost the same, the nutritional values of green and yellow Paasi Paruppu vary ever so slightly. Here’s a comparison of the same:

Green Moong Dal (Split with Skin) Yellow Moong Dal
Calories 347 348
Fat 0.61 1.2
Protein 25.73 24.5
Fiber 18.06 8.2
Carbs 59.74 59.9


5 Easy but tasty Moong dal or Pasi paruppu Recipes

Paasi Paruppu dosai | பாசி பருப்பு  மொறு மொறு தோசை :

Crispy dosai with chantey making. Firstly, take one cup of pasi paruppu (in English Moong dal) and soak them well up to 1 hour. Secondly, half a cup of rice flour mixed well with soaked well. Before mixing with rice flour, strain the water from moong dal. Now, grind them well using a mixer grinder.  Finally, spread the batter on dosa tava like our regular method of making dosa. just spread the cooking oil on dosa. suppose, you want more crispy just add cooking soda to the batter. We can get crispy dosai ready. Do you want to understand it in an easy way?  Here, an instant crispy dosa recipe video to know to prepare.

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Pasi Paruppu Laddu |  பாசி பருப்பு லட்டு :

Recipe is easy to make and usually prepared during the festival recipes of try this and Celebrate with your friends and family. we attach the link for Pasi Paruppu Laddu

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Paasi Paruppu Halwa | பாசி பருப்பு அல்வா :

special delicacy in all Chettinad functions and marriages. It is a very healthy dessert and all ages people can eat it. We can make this recipe at home. we attached the video link for how to make this recipe. For the video link

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Pasi Paruppu Payasam | பாசி பருப்பு பாயாசம் :

Before cook moong dhal dry roast it, because it gives a good aroma and taste. Firstly, take half a cup of moong dal. Dry roast the moong dal till getting a good aroma. Keep low flame because moong dal doesn’t change the color. Now, wash the dry roasted dal, take it to the pressure cooker and add one and a half cups of water. cook up to 3whistles. After gas relies upon set aside. Secondly, make jeera from jaggery. Like a liquid state of jaggery. Now, add cooked moong dal into jeera. Keep it on low flame add cardamom stir it well. While making the above process. we want to be ready to make something. That is deep fry the chopped coconuts, chopped badam, and cashew nuts. Try to use ghee for deep fry. Now, add the above deep-fried items into jeera mixed moong dal. keep it on low flame. Finally, switch off the flame now, and add coconut milk to payasam. Keep the payasam in Kadai for 2 minutes. After, two minutes you can serve the tasty moong dhal payasam ready.

It can be served at any occasion like dessert, festival, or served chill during the summer season. know how to prepare this special Pasi Paruppu Payasam recipe in Tamil.

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Pasi Paruppu Ukkarrai Making easy way |பாசி பருப்பு உக்கரை :

one of the famous South Indian sweet dishes that is made on auspicious days. This simple dish needs only ingredients that are readily available in our houses. We all have elders at home who might have some medical conditions that prevent them from having sugary sweets. This Ukkarrai is one special sweet that suits everyone in our family. The consistency of the sweet will be like beach sand and at the same time, it will be soft. Cooking time- 15 minutes – For your reference  Video Link Here

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courtesy: Uma’s Delicacies &Tips

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