Pasi Paruppu 1kg


UDHAYAM Brand Pasi Paruppu (in Tamil) |UDHAYAM Moong Dal (in English)

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Pasi Paruppu | Buy online | Udhyam brand moong dhal | Nutritional Value

Pasi Paruppu udhayam brand using advanced technology for quality check for every stage. They use revolutionary z-serious technology from the UK. udhayam moong dhal only uses this technology in entire south-east Asia. Our prices are best when compare with other leading online shopping websites.

Compare with other online supermarket we provide price of 1kg moong dal best.

Udhaiyam brand Moong dhalls

Nutritional Information

Per 100g of this Product(approx.)

  • Energy                  –             305kcal
  • Carbohydrate      –             52.50g
  • Protein                 –             21.30g
  • Fat                        –              1.01g
  • Fibre                     –             0.67g
  • Minerals              –              2.85mg


  • Carotens             –            45.10mcg
  • B1 Vitamin         –             0.12mg
  • B2 Vitamin        –             0.18mg
  • B3 Vitamin        –             0.98mg
  • Folic Acid          –              115.20

Pasi Paruppu Recipes

  • Ukkarrai is a famous South Indian sweet dish that is made on auspicious days. This simple dish needs only ingredients that are readily available in our houses. We all have elders at home who might have some medical conditions that prevent them from having sugary sweets. This Ukkarrai is one special sweet that suits everyone in our family. The consistency of the sweet will be like beach sand and at the same time, it will be soft. Cooking time- 15 minutes –  you want to try delicious recipe Ukkarrai Video Link Here

courtesy: Uma’s Delicacies &Tips


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