குதிரை வாலி – Kuthiraivali Rice

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Golden Grains – Barnyard Millet (English) / Kuthiraivali (Tamil) /

Jhangora (Hindi) / Kodisama (Telugu) / Bhagar (Marathi)

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The following are the seven Kuthiraivali rice benefits (in tamil just translate from google) of eating 

  1. Increases the strength of muscles due to its higher protein content.
  2. Regulates the glucose levels in the blood due to its high glycemic index.
  3. Helps to fight against anaemia as it has high iron content.
  4. Helps in controlling bowel movement due to its higher fibre content.
  5. Improves the strength of bones due to its higher calcium content.
  6. Is very low in fat and calories than regular rice and thus helps to in weight loss.
  7. Provides a nice does of phosphorus to the body that helps in building strong bones.

Kuthiraivali rice in English Barnyard Millet. Millets are less in calories, rich in fibre, calcium, iron & nutrients. So taking millets in our recipe reduces weight & gives more strength. This kichadi which is rich in the goodness of all nutrients is very healthy.

The following is the Kuthiraivali rice nutritional value in 100 gms 

  • Carbohydrates: 65 gms
  • Protein: 7 gms
  • Fibre: 9 gms
  • Calcium: 20 m gms
  • Iron: 5 m gms
  • Phosphorus: 280 m gms

Kuthiraivali rice Recipes

know, how to Cooked

  • Kuthiraivali arisi
    • Veg Kichadi very easy recipe and good for morning breakfast. Like to try this  Click Here to get video.
    •  Pongal -Pongal one of the favourite food in tamil nadu for try to make Click Here
    • Dosai sometime dinner is boring why don’t you try different and healthy dosai  Click Here

You want to understand health benefits in tamil just use google translate on our page.

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