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On this page, you can understand, why want to know about these horse gram recipes?

Horse gram is one of the healthiest foods we have forgotten. Many who know the benefits of these are still using them today.

This is mostly called “Kanaam” in Southern Tamilnadu.

Horse Gram is high in proteins. How many Proteins are in Horse Gram?  Horse Gram is an excellent source of  Protein (17.9 – 25.3 %), Carbohydrates, essential amino acids, energy, low content of lipid, and Iron.

Kollu aids in the breakdown of bad fat in the body. As a result, We have a healthy body. Can we take horse gram daily?  Definitely, You can eat two to three times a day. 

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vernacular names of  Horse Gram:

  • Kollu in English Horse Gram.
  • Horse gram in Hindi Kulthi.

The following are the 9 Health Benefits of Horse Gram:

  1. Kollu is used in Ayurvedic and Siddha Medicine.
  2. Incorporating horse gram into your diet, As a result, your skin glows and your body is healthy.
  3. This leads to a  lower blood sugar level. This is used as insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes.
  4. Eating horse gram is one of the best ways to lose bodyweight because it’s having the properties of fat-burning.
  5. The calcium, phosphorous, iron, and amino acids in horse gram boost the sperm count.
  6. Research indicates that horse gram may help improve your liver function.
  7. Horse Gram soup is known as a good natural remedy for kidney stones. it not only helps in dissolving kidney stones but stops them from developing again.
  8. It contains iron and calcium. These nutrients ensure muscle strength and keep the bones healthy.
  9. Ayurveda suggests consumption of horse gram keeps the kidneys fit.

Horse Gram Nutritional value per 100gm:

  • Protein – 22 gm
  • carbohydrates – 57 gm
  • Minerals – 3 gm
  • Calcium – 287 mg
  • Phosphorus – 311 mg
  • Iron – 7 mg
  • fiber – 5 gm
  • Antioxidants – Polyphenols and Flavonoid.

Amazing and Healthy Kollu or horse gram Recipes :

Kollu Rasam:

We share about healthy and tasty horse gram recipes, kollu rasam here.

Firstly, chop the tomatoes and coriander leaves finely. Also, the tamarind must be dissolved. After that, grind in the chili, pepper, cumin, and curry leaves.

Secondly, clean the horse gram and soak it overnight on the first day. And boil the next day. when cool, separate the kollu boiled water. Next in a pan, add 1tsp oil and heat slowly also added the mustard, curry leaves, seasoning, and fry with chopped tomatoes.

Thirdly, Add turmeric powder, salt, and tamarind solution and bring to a boil. Then add kollu filtered water and bring to boil.

Finally, Ready to serve Healthy Kollu Rasam.

Ingredients:  Tomatoes – 2, Pepper, cumin – 1 tsp, chilly – 3, Tumeric, mustard –  1/4 tsp, Curry Leaves,  Coriander leaves – Required amount, Salt – 1 tsp, oil – 1 tsp, and 1 cup of Tamarind extract.

Kollu rasam is helpful to remedy cough, fever, and bad cholesterol. Above all, it keeps you healthy.

Kollu thogayal Recipe:

This is a delicious thogayal made of kollu.

Now we see how to make kollu thogayal?

Ingredients:  Horse gram – 1/2 cup, Red chili – 5 to 6, Garlic – 3to 4 cloves, Tamarind a small piece, Asafoetida a pinch, Salt as needed, Curry leaves -few, oil – 2-3 tsp, coconut  – 1 tbsp.

Firstly,  Take in a pan and add the kollu. And it sautes for 5-7 minutes. Now you will hear the sound of spluttering. Do it in a medium flame. Once it is roasted take a set aside.

Secondly, In the same pan add the chillis, garlic, and tamarind. Roast it all the slightly change the color. and then add the curry leaves and saute for 2 minutes. Then Switch off the flame and add coconut, salt, and asafoetida.

Thirdly, It’s become completely cool to grind this along with horse gram. Grind to a fine paste.

In conclusion, we have the tasty kollu thogayal. Now you can serve with idly or rice.

Tasty Kollu Dosai:

One of the healthiest Breakfasts is Horse gram Dosa.

Ingredients: Idly rice – 1cup, Raw Rice – 1/4 cup, Kollu – 1 1/2  cup, rock salt, oil – Required amount.

Firstly, Wash the idly rice, raw rice, and Kollu three to four times. then soak for 5 hours.

Secondly, Add the soaked ingredients to the grinder, along with a little water, and grind thoroughly. Then add the required amount of rock salt, mix, and set aside for 8 hours to ferment.

Finally, Heat the dosa griddle until medium-hot. Swirl in 1/2 cup batter to completely cover the dosa griddle. Sprinkle 1/4 tsp of oil on the dosa. Cook until the underside of the kollu dosa is golden brown. Cook for 30 seconds more. From the griddle, remove the kollu dosa.

Kollu dosa is Ready. Now serve the dosa with chutney.

In conclusion:  All of our body’s nutrients are provided by horse gram. Kollu strengthens our bones and reduces the formation of kidney stones. Furthermore, both toddlers and adults benefit from eating this. Use the recipes we’ve provided to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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