Nattu sakkarai – PARRY’S AMRIT 500g


Parry’s Amrit Natural Brown Sugar

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Nattu sakkarai – PARRY’S AMRIT | Buy Online | Nutrition facts | Recipes  | health benifits

one of the good quality and Hygienically packed pure nattu sakkarai brands, parrys Natural  brown sugar.

Buy online here, free delivery available only in Coimbatore.

Parrys nattu sakkarai (Natural amrit Brown Sugar) – Murugappa Group company EID Parry India,  Announced that it would introduce a new branded parry brown sugar Amrit, described as 100 per cent natural cane sugar, as part of its strategy to boost retail sugar sales with value-added products in the fledgling branded sugars market know more.

Best source of  Nutrients like, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Phosphorous. The good quality sweetener suitable for home use, Tea & Coffee /All sweets.

Ideal for table use because of this cleaning process, baking, preserving, canning and for sweetening

Important notes:

  • It is highly recommended to read the labels, batch details, manufacturing details, expiration date, list of ingredients, directions, and warnings, etc.,
  • contained in the actual product label before consuming or utilizing the product.
  • For more information, please contact the merchant or the manufacturer through the contact details as provided on the label.


  • Good quality Hygienically packed pure brown sugar which is free from any impurities
  • Its crystals made from quality sugar cane
  • The brand First Initiative of Highly Qualified doctors in Organic food.
  • 100% Natural certified Organic sugar Derived from Organic Sugar Cane.
  • Contains More minerals and more iron because its good for health.

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