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Nattu Sakkarai(in Tamil) | karumbu sakkarai | Natural sugar( in English)

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Nattu Sakkarai | நாட்டு சக்கரை | Buy Online | Nutrition facts | Recipes  | health benifits

Nattu Sakkarai in English Country sugar or Natural Sugar (jaggery powder). Why it’s called natural sugar because we don’t want to add any ingredients or fertilizers.

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9 Surprising nattu sakkarai benefits

nattu sakkarai benefits in english

  1. Country sugar improves bone strength because its highly packed with calcium.
  2. organic sugar one of the good food for children when it added with fruit juice and milk.
  3. Healthy alternative for white sugar because brown sugar contains low glycemic index when compare with processed sugar.
  4. Helps to maintain the electrolyte level of the body due to its rich source of Zinc and Potassium.
  5. Natural sugar act as a body Weight losing agent since it satiate appetite.
  6. It works like a detoxifier, and it eliminate toxins from liver and some internal organs.
  7. Prevent the constipation because it can improve the quality of bowel movements.
  8. Nattu sakkarai having high amount of antioxidant. As a result, it Control the free radicals problems like ageing and tissue damage.
  9. Good source of minerals. Increase the stamina of the body, for instance.

nattu sakkarai nutrition facts

per 100g (Approx)

  • calories in nattu sakkarai – 366.9 kcal
  • nattu sakkarai calories  – 366.9 kcal
  • Carbohydrate                 –  90.36 gm
  • Protein                              – 0.33 gm
  • Calcium                            – 4.0 gm
  • Moisture                          – 6.52 gm
  • Iron                                   – 0.2gm
  • potassium                        – 1.7gm
  • Magnesium                     – 0.1 gm
  • nattu chakkarai Fat       – 0.46 gm

Natural Sugar Recipes

Laddu with nattu chakkarai | நாட்டு சர்க்கரை லட்டு | Thinai Laddu

Firstly, rinse the thinai and dry the water fully. Now, Spread on the cleaned cloth for water fully dried. next for the purpose of crispy, dry roasting the thinai on heated Pot. Set aside.

Secondly, roasted the almonds and cashews by ghee. set aside.

Thirdly, grind the dry roasted thinai and add Nattu sakarai, cardamom and dry ginger powder. Now, add ghee roasted almonds and cashews mix. slightly grind for only mixed it well. check whether fully mixed or not.

Finally, make the laddu from the nattu sakkarai mix thinai flour. add some ghee as per requirement to laddu.

Here you can find laddu with nattu sakkarai in tamil video.

nattu sakkarai ingredients: Thinai Arisi | Foxtail Millet – 1 cup, Ghee – 2 tbsps, Cashews – 10 to 15 nos, Almonds – 10 to 15 nos, Cardamoms – 4 nos, Sukku | Dry Ginger – 1″ piece, Nattu Sakkarai or Brown Sugar – 12 cup to 34 cup, Hot Ghee – as required.


Rasagulla Sweet with nattu sakkarai | How to make Rasgulla Recipe :

Firstly, we want to boil one litre of milk and add 2 tbsp of lime juice. Now, using a cotton towel, separate the Paneer or solid form from the liquid, wash the paneer gently to eliminate the lemon scent, and squeeze out all of the water.

Secondly, make tiny balls out of the paneer. Place the balls in a pot of boiling water for 5–10 minutes. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes with two cups of water and 250 grams of brown sugar, then add 1/2 teaspoon cardamom.

Finally, Rasgulla with brown sugar is done when the Rasugulla balls are dropped into the jaggery syrup and allowed to rest for 10 minutes.

Here you can find how to make rasgulla at home, rasgulla video here.

The most important rasgulla calories are 106 calories, so keep this in mind before eating. rasgulla is an English name milk sweet but it made by curd.

Ingredients : Milk 1 ltr, Lime – 1 no.,  Water – 500ml, Nattu sakkarai 250 grams, cardamom, 


Nattu Sakkarai Adhirasam Recipe

Allow at least 2 hours for the raw rice to soak. Drain the excess water and dry them in the shade for 30 minutes. Powder them in batches in a Maavu/Rice Mill or with Kaikuthal Ulakai and sieve (optional) to produce fine flour. 2 padi raw rice makes 4 padi rice flour (measurement).

When it comes to jaggery, she uses the same padi alavu (Pic 3 above), therefore you’ll need 1.75 padi jaggery and a little less than 1/2 padi water for 4 padi rice flour.

Bring water and sugar/jaggary to a boil, then filter after the syrup reaches a thick consistency (about 5-8 minutes on medium flame), It should be filtered.

Then, while still stirring, add it to the ground flour. Stop adding syrup and, if necessary, add a tbsp at a time to get the desired consistency. Actually, it should ferment nicely, and they may be kept at room temperature for up to 5 days before being refrigerated .

Ingredients: Raw Rice, Rice flour, Nattu sakkarai.

Summarize of this blog

In this blog you can understand Natural sugar benefits. You can buy online Nattu sakkarai price in best . for your easy identification we provide Nattu Sakkarai image here. Most importantly, you can know how to make natural sugar recipes. Our pages are translation friendly, so you can easy to understand the benefits of nattu sakkarai in Tamil just by using google translator


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