Kodo millet | வரகு 500g


Varagu (in Tamil) |Kodo millet (in English) | Arikelu (in Telugu) | Arka (in Kannada) |Kodon ( in Hindi)

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Varagu Arise | Kido Millet | Buy Online | Health Benefits | Nutrition Values | Recipes

Hi, I like to share some thing about varagu or kodu millet in this page.

kodo millet in tamil varagu .

When searching millets I find Varagu is one of the ancient grains of the world. then I know its originated from Africa and domesticated in India a few thousand years ago. That time I have question why ancient people used these millets then only found It is a nutritious grain.

varagu arisi in english kodo millet. Here I provide some Health Benefits of kodo millets. Kodo Millet  Nutrition values and How to cook varagu rice.

These are the following 7 health benefits of kodo millet

Varagu arisi health benefits

  1. Varagu helps in the reduction of high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
  2. Good digestion food, because it prevents obesity.
  3. Better food for people who are suffered by gluten intolerant, because of millets are gluten free.
  4. It holds a high amount of lecithin. so, it helps to excellent for strengthening the nervous system.
  5. Helps to reduce body weight. Beneficial for postmenopausal women, for instance.
  6. Rich in photo chemicals, phytate. so, kodo millets play important role in reduction of cancer risks.
  7. Better way to prevent heart block and blood vessel disorders. When, we adding millets to our regular diet.

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Kodo millet nutrients Fact of 100g

Energy – 353kcls





Vitamins: Thiamine-15mg, Niacin-2mg

 Minerals: Calcium-35mg , Iron-0.5mg, Phosphorus-188mg.


Kodo millet recipe

Varagu Arisi Pulao | Kodo millet Pulao

Pulao one of the best varagu arisi recipes for lunch. Here step by step guidelines for How to make recipe.

Firstly, we take one cup of kodo millet and rinse the millet for fully cleaned.

Then, Soak the millet into the water for 15 minutes. Set aside.

Secondly, heat the pan add cooking oil and then add cinnamon, cardamom and clove

Then, add chopped onions and deep fry till getting golden color. Now, add sliced green chilies and ginger garlic paste. Remember to maintain medium flame and wait for 3-4 minutes.

Check whether it was fully cooked or not.

Thirdly, If fully cooked add vegetables and add salt, mint leaves as per your taste.

Now, add water most importantly adding water in correct proportion. Here, we use one cup of varagu arise so we add two cup of water. Try to use same cup.

Finally, Add soaking vragu rice into boiling water. Now close the cooker and wait for 3 whistles switch it off the stove. And wait for sometime to release the pressure. After that open the cooker for cooked varagu arisi Pulao ready.

Now, we get tasty and healthy varagu arise recipes for lunch time.

Serve the varagu millet pulao or Kodo millet Pulao with curd onion.


How to prepare varagu arisi recipe, Varagu Arisi Pongal

Special kodo millet recipe, Varagu soft idli recipe 


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Kodo millet | வரகு

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