Thinai | திணை 500g

Thinai | திணை 500g

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Thinai [Tamil] / Foxtail Millet [English] / Italian Millet

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First, I like to tell What is thinai? It is one of the forgotten grains that belong to the old Tamil culture. Thinai are high in calories and provides vitality to those working in the fields.

then, Foxtail millet is called Korra in Telugu, Navane in Kannada, Kangni in Hindi, and Kang in Marathi. It can be cooked just like rice and Thinai recipes are easy to cook. They are available in the form of rice, semolina, and flour.

The following are the Eleven Health benefits of consuming Thinai arisi

  1. Foxtail millet is gluten-free and very easy to digest. The best recipe made for those who are gluten-intolerant.
  2. Its high anti-oxidant activity removes acidic elements away from the body. Being highly nutritious for children and adults, it acts a great energy source.
  3. It is rich in fiber content and minerals like protein, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc.
  4. Enriched with vitamin B 6, it helps in the regulation of the healthy nervous system.
  5. It helps to control blood sugar levels and is known for its low glycemic index.
  6. Its high protein content, when combined with legumes, makes it a perfect substantial addition to a vegetarian diet.
  7. It is also rich in proteins and low in fat. Using natural Thinai is advantageous since it is free of pesticides.
  8. Foxtail millet natural source of iron and protein.
  9. It is easy to digest; it contains a high amount of lecithin and is good for the nervous system.
  10. A good one for constipation home remedies.
  11. When Consuming regular basis people can come out from depression.

Utilization of Thinai-rice:

  • South India, Thinai is incorporated into the batter to make appam, dosa, idly, pongal, idiyappam, and puttu.
  • Ayurvedic medicine, Thinai is used to make medicine sweet. This makes them valuable because they are nourishing, satisfying, light, and easily digestible.
  • Western medicine, they are found to be non-glutinous and profoundly nutritious.
  • China, it is used to make wine, vinegar, and flour.
  • Myanmar and Russia, it is used to prepare alcohol and beer.

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Nutrition Information Per 100gm

Calories 473cal
Minerals(grams) 3.3
Iron(grams) 2.8
Calcium (grams) 31
Fat (grams) 3.51
Carbohydrate (grams) 95
Protein (grams) 12.3
Fiber (grams) 8
Sodium (milligrams) 0.13g

How to cook Thinai 

one of my favorite recipe Thinai Pongal. I like to share how to prepare this recipe. when I search how to cook these millet, many people share their experience and I choose the below link that is very helpful to cook for this recipe.  Click Here


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