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Thinai [ in Tamil] / Foxtail Millet [in English] / Italian Millet

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Thinai in English Foxtail millet | Buy Online | health benefits | Nutrition value | Recipes

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vernacular Names

On this page, you can understand. What is “thinai” in English? Foxtail

People were referred to by various names depending on their language. Thinai has a variety of names, which you can find here.

திணை in english Foxtail millet.

Thinai millet in English Foxtail millet.

then, Foxtail millet is called Korra in Telugu, Navane in Kannada, Kangni in Hindi, and Kang in Marathi, Thinai arisi in English Foxtail Rice.

It is one of the forgotten grains that belong to the old Tamil culture. Use the scroll down you know about thinai health benefits, Thinai Nutrition facts, and how to make Thinai Recipes.

The following are the 13 Health Benefits of Thinai

Thinai rice benefits or Foxtail millet benefits

  1. Foxtail millet is very easy to digest because of its gluten-free millet
  2. The best recipe can be made for those who are gluten-intolerant because millets regulate gluten.
  3. Its having high anti-oxidant activity so it can remove acidic elements away from the body. Being highly nutritious for children and adults, it acts a great energy source.
  4. It is rich in fiber content and minerals like protein, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc.
  5. Enriched with vitamin B 6, so it helps in the regulation of the healthy nervous system.
  6. It helps to control blood sugar levels. Its low glycemic index, for instance.
  7. Its high protein content, when combined with legumes, makes it a perfect substantial addition to a vegetarian diet.
  8. Thinai / Foxtail millet is the best for weight loss. It is also rich in proteins and low in fat, for instance.
  9. Using natural Thinai is advantageous since it is free of pesticides. one of the thinai benefits.
  10. A good one for iron deficiency people because Foxtail millet natural source of iron.
  11. It is easy to digest due to it contains a high amount of lecithin and is good for the nervous system.
  12. Taking in regular diet. As a result, good one for constipation
  13. When Consuming a regular basis, as a result, people can come out from depression.

East to read Thinai benefits in tamil by translating from google

Utilization of Thinai in english -rice:

  • South India, Thinai is incorporated into the batter to make appam, dosa, idly, pongal, idiyappam, and puttu.
  • Ayurvedic medicine, Thinai is used to make medicine sweet. This makes them valuable because they are nourishing, satisfying, light, and easily digestible.
  • Western medicine, they are found to be non-glutinous and profoundly nutritious.
  • China, it is used to make wine, vinegar, and flour.
  • Myanmar and Russia, it is used to prepare alcohol and beer.


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Nutrition Information Per 100gm

Thinai rice calories 473cal
Minerals(grams) 3.3
Iron(grams) 2.8
Calcium (grams) 31
Fat (grams) 3.51
Carbohydrates (grams) 95
Protein (grams) 12.3
Fiber (grams) 8
Sodium (milligrams) 0.13g


7 Attractive Thinai in english Recipes : 

Fotail millets Recipes or Thinai recipes can be cooked just like rice and are easy to cook. They are available in the form of rice, semolina, and flour.

Here is the easy way to making of thinai pongal (in English Foxtail millet pongal):

Firstly, Thinai arasi in english, wants to dry roasted until to get slightly fragrant. After, getting a good fragrant take pressure cooker add roasted millet and moong dal. Then, wash them using water now, drain the water fully.

Secondly, add 4 cups of water because we use 1/2 cup of millet. then, add ginger and salt according to tempering. Now, cook, and after finishing 3 to vessels switch off the stove. after some time open the pressure cooker just mash the pongal. It looks are slightly mush and creamy. suppose you want to add some water. set aside.

Thirdly, heat the separate pot add ghee, once the ghee is heated add cumin seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves, chili, and peppercorns let them stir few minutes. now, add cashew nuts and fry up to brown color.

Finally, Serve the Thinai pongal recipe with chutney and sambhar.

Here thinai pongal recipe in Tamil.

Just use Google Translate for Thinai Pongal in Tamil.

Ingredients: ½ cup Thinai/ Foxtail Millet, ½ cup Moong dal, 4 cups Water, Salt (To taste), 1 teaspoon Ginger (Grated)

 Millets are healthy because only our ancient people used them as food. In today’s contest, we can make different recipes. Thinai Pongal is one of the healthy and delicious breakfast recipes. find here to making of an easy way.

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Thinai recipes | The step by step methods of preparing Thinai arisi upma:

Firstly, Take a 1/2 cup of millet, then rinse with the water for the purpose of cleaning. After cleaning well dry water from the millet fully. Now, dry roast the thinai, here, dry roasting doesn’t want to wait till the color changes. sent aside.

Secondly, we want to season, hot pot pours some oil, heat continuously,  add 1 tsp mustard seeds, 3/4 tsp urad dal, a sprig curry leaves, 1 green chili chopped roughly. later, add onion roasted till the onion color will be changed into golden color.

Thirdly, add roasted thinai millet little by little and remember to stir. Most importantly, add the required water for the above process.  Finally, the water fully absorbed checks whether the millet becomes soft or not. suppose if not soft wait 4-5min for cook. if it is soft now you can serve thinai upma recipe with sugar or any chutney.  Remember to serve with a smile. Here you can find thinai upma recipe in Tamil.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup foxtail millet (thinai arisi), 1 big onion chopped finely, 3 cups water, salt to taste, 1 tsp oil, 1 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 3/4 tsp urad dal, a sprig of curry leaves, 1 green chili chopped roughly

Mostly Thinnai millet is grown organically without any pesticides and chemicals. so, one of healthy like varagu, saamai, and kuthiraivalli. But we are not interested to eat in the traditional way of recipes. we want extra stuff for happy to eat. Here are the tips of foxtail millet upma with our favorite stuff.

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How to Cook Thinai arisi recipes, Thinai arisi sadam in Tamil | healthy millet 

Firstly, take one cup of thinai rice, now rinse the millet 3-5 times for fully cleaned, After, that soak the millet for 10 -15 minutes.

Secondly, after 15 minutes, get the dry millet into the pressure cooker. Now, add 2 cups of water. The ratio for adding water 1:2. After stream comes to the lid on. cook it for 10 mins on low flame. switch off the flame after 10 mins.

Finally, open the lid once cools down completely.  once cooldown mix it gently.

Now thinai arisi sadam ready to serve!!!

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Thinai Adai or Thinai dosai for (Fox Millet dosai) our special Dinner:

Healthy substitute for rice Variety. Making of adai we can add veggies like shallots, onions, drumstick leaves and cabbages. It’s all good for health. Here you can find a clear idea from video link of thinai adai. 

one of my favorite recipe Thinai Pongal. I like to share how to prepare this recipe. when I search how to cook these millet, many people share their experience and I choose the below link that is very helpful to cook for this recipe.  Click Here

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Step 1: Heat a pan, then add the moong dal and sauté until golden brown. In a vessel, combine the roasted moong dal and thinai. Rinse the thinai and moong dal in water and fill the vessel with 3.5 cups of water.  Add the grated ginger and salt to the pressure cooker and cook for 5-6 whistles. 

Step 2: Allow the pressure to naturally release before mashing the cooked thinai and dal. In a pan, melt the ghee and add the cumin seeds. When the cumin seeds begin to splutter, add the whole black pepper and continue to cook for a few minutes. 

Step 3: Fry the hing, cashews, and curry leaves until the cashews are golden brown in color.

Step 4: Mix in the mashed thinai and dal with the seasoned seasonings.

The delicious and nutritious Thinai Pongal is now available to eat!

Thinai Pongal in tamil videos available here!!!

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Thinai arisi recipes, THINAI IDLI

Step 1: Millets and dal should be washed and soaked separately in water for 4-5 hours. Fenugreek seeds and dal should be soaked together. Grind the urad dal until it is light and fluffy, adding water as needed.

Step 2: To make a slightly coarse batter, grind millets with a little water at a time. Combine the two batters, season with salt, and set aside to ferment. Grind it in the same way as ordinary idlis are ground. It’s important that the batter is neither too thick nor too thin.

Step 3: Idli’s can be made with a steamer or an idli cooker. First, bring the water to a boil. Then, using a ladle, pour a ladle of fermented batter into each of the idli moulds.

Step 4: Steam the idlis for 15 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean. Remove the idlis from the mould once it has cooled slightly and serve hot with sambar or chutney of your choice.

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Step 1: Cooking the foxtail millet is the first step in producing Thinai Thakkali Sadam (Foxtail Millet Tomato Rice). Wash the foxtail millets thoroughly under running water, drain them, and place them in the pressure pan. Add 2 cups of water, season with salt, and pressure cook for 4 whistles. Remove from heat and set aside. When the millets have cooled, fluff them up with a fork.

Step 2: To make the tomato rice, heat the oil in a skillet and add the mustard seeds, which should crackle. Allow the curry leaves to sputter before adding them.

Step 3: Using a pestle and mortar, roughly pound the garlic cloves, ginger, and fennel seeds and add to the pan; cook for a minute. Sauté the sliced onions until they become translucent.

Step 4: Add the tomatoes, green chilies, kashmiri red chilli powder, turmeric powder, and salt to taste. Allow this tomato combination to cook until it becomes soft and mushy, about 10 minutes.

Step 5: Add the cooked foxtail millets and gently toss everything together once the tomato mixture has thickened to a paste consistency. Cover and cook for 5 minutes, allowing the foxtail millet to absorb all of the tomato mixture’s flavor.

For lunch, combine the Thinai Thakkali Sadam (Foxtail Millet Tomato Rice) recipe with the Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita recipe and the Elai Vadam recipe.

Tasty Thinai payasam recipe Video Here!!

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Foxtail Millet | திணை

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