Chandrika Sandal Soap

Chandrika Sandal Soap


Chandrika Sandal Soap

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Chandrika Sandal Soap is one of the gentle soap for all type of skins. It maintained skin smoothness and fresh the body with good aromatic nature.

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Chandrika Sandal Soap Benefits

  • This soap maintain body cool because it has sandalwood property.
  • Prevent dehydrate of skin and gives good tones to the body skin due to its soothing and moisturizing properties.
  • It can helps your skin clear and prevent scar and marks because of its ¬†antibacterial and anti-tanning¬†nature.
  • Reducing outbreaks and irritation of skin due to it copra oil.
  • It contain Coconut oil that helps slow the aging process.

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75 gms


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