Lux Sandal & Cream Soap 100gms



Lux – Sandal & Cream Soap

Lux Sandal and Cream Soap available on online shopping fmcg hub. We are the best player in coimbatore based online shopping cart.

Lux – Sandal & Cream Soap, with fragranced moisturizing oils which makes the skin flexible and silky.

Since 1925, Lux has been bringing the best of beauty and the pleasure that comes with it to women around the world.

Inspiring women to express their beauty and beyond

From the moment they wake up, Lux inspires women to be unapologetically feminine, to dare to express more of who they are. Because we believe that femininity is so much more than you can see, and we want to inspire women to embrace their femininity and dare to express their beauty beyond appearances.

Product Philosophy:

We work with the world’s best perfumers to create skin treats infused with the finest fragrances, to bring you an indulgent shower experience that makes your skin feel beautiful and fragrant. Bold, sophisticated, and vibrant, each of our variants exudes an alluring burst of fragrance that gives you confidence from the moment you step out of your shower.



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