Star Anise | அன்னாசி பூ

Star Anise | அன்னாசி பூ


Star Anise | Annachi Mokku (in Tamil) | Anasa puvvu (in Telgu) | Illicium (in Hindi)

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Star Anise | அன்னாசி பூ | Buy Online | Health Benefits | Nutritional Values | Recipes

Star Anise Benefits and usage

  1. Annachi mokku uses for reducing cough and flu, it contains shikimic.
  2. To improve digestion and reducing bloating and constipation.
  3.  Rich in vitamin A, C, and antioxidation, help against diabetes.
  4. It Prevents early aging when we take proper with food.
  5. These spices have some pharmacological and antimicrobial properties

How to use Annachi mokku with our Recipes

  • Indian home remedy for cold and cough recipe Click here to know how to make star anise tea.
  • Fish Kulambu  Click here for the recipe to prepare.
  • Ginger Chicken Recipe Click here

In English, they call Star Anis, in tamil Annachi mokku, in hindi Illicium, in telugu Anasa puvvu.


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