karuppu kavuni arisi |கருப்பு கவுனி அரிசி 500g


karuppu kavuni arisi |கருப்பு கவுனி அரிசி

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11 amazing health benefits of using karuppu kavuni arise

கருப்பு கவுனி அரிசி உண்பதால் உண்டாகும் மருத்துவ பயன்கள்

  1. Karuppu Kavuni rice has more Nutrients and Antioxidants Compared with other rice varieties.
  2. Contains anthocyanin like antioxidant, it can prevent heart diseases and improve brain activity.
  3. A more fiber concentrated kavuni rice, half kg rice contains 3gm fiber content so it can reduce the dysentery and constipation related problems.
  4. Do you want to reduce body weight and obesity? its good diet for you.
  5. Proper dieting  with Kavuni rice can remove toxins overloading due to its general properties.
  6. These type of grains having some properties help for normalized the body glucose level so it gives better results for type 2 diabetics.
  7. Diabetics people can use karuppu kavuni arise for their daily diet for replacing white rice that it is effective for glucose level.
  8. beneficial effect for muscle spasm, Nervous system problem and Skin protection due to it contain Vitamins B and E.
  9. Good source of several nutrients, particularly protein, fiber, and iron.
  10. contains the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which have been shown to protect your retina from potentially damaging free radicals. While anthocyanins may also protect eye health.
  11. Decrease your risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

karuppu kavuni arise Recipes 

Sweet kavuni arisi Making of Video:  

A finger linking delicious pudding made from glutinous black/purple rice. It is a famous delicacy of Chettinad cuisine. It is served as a prestigious dish in all their marriages and important functions. This rice was first available in countries like Thailand only. .But now it is available all over the globe.

It is super healthy. The key reason for its superfood status is the presence of anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant. It is also rich in fiber and source of phytonutrients that cleanse the body. It is also rich in Iron and protein. This unique and delicious sweet will be sticky after cooking.

Firstly, we want to wash the kavuni rice for cleaning purpose. Secondly Soak the rice in water 5 to 6 hours. then dry the water. Thirdly, Cook the rice using 3 cups of water. we can use pressure cooker for cooking well. Finally, add sugar, coconut and ghee Mixed it well. Now you can serve. For making of sweet kavuni rice, detail video here.

Ingredients : Black rice—200 grams, Sugar——–250 to 300 grams, Grated coconut—75grams, Ghee—1tsp.

Courtesy : Uma’s Delicacies &Tips

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கருப்பு கவுனி அரிசி

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