Amul Butter UNSALTED 100g


Amul Butter UNSALTED

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Amul Butter UNSALTED | Buy Online | Nutrition facts | Recipes  | health benifits

Amul butter unsalted one of  delightful food for kids. Amul brand is the taste of  india. amul is the same meaning as another word butter.

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Amul Butter unsaluted Composition

  • Milk fat Min. : 80%
  • Moisture Mix. :  16%
  • Salt: Nil
  • Curd Max. : 1%

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size – 100g

  • Energy                           –   740kcal
  • Total Fat                       –   82g
  • Saturated fat                –  52g
  • Total Carbohydrate    –   0g
  • Added sugar                 –   0g
  • Protein                          – 0.6g
  • Vitamin A                      – 666mcg

Source: Amul 

Features of Amul butter unsalted:

  • Unsalted butter is made from fresh cream and nothing else.
  • It’s the purest form and doesn’t contain any salt at all
  • A most essential ingredient for cooking and baking and especially helpful when making pastries and pudding.
  • Amul butter is 100% natural, Surety of Amul


The following Recipes can make with Amul Butter unsalted:

  • Mainly used for making dishes where the presence of salt is not desirable.
  • Used as an ingredient in biscuits, cakes, bread, and ice creams.
  • For making Ghee at home
  • As for topping in Dal Makhani etc.
  • As spread over parantha or Rotis.


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