jowar Cholam 500gm


Jowar (in English) | Cholam (in Tamil) | Jwari (in Hindi) | (Jonna) in Telugu | Jola (in Kannada)

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Jowar millet in tamil cholam under the grain category. In our regular diet, more health benefits such promoting weight gain, diabetic control, enegry etc.,

cholam in tamil சோளம்

Buy Cholam price per kg at whole sales rate at online shopping. you can make cholam atta/flour for roti recipes.

Jowar Benefits

  1. Rich source of dietary fibre.
  2. Recommend for people who suffer from diabetes.
  3. digested slowly because of complex carbohydrate.
  4. jowar seeds reduces the risk of  heart diseases and also stroke due its fiber content.
  5. With our regular diet we can manage body weight.

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