Kadalai Maavu 1kg


Kadalai Maavu (in Tamil) | besan flour | Peanut flour (in English)

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Kadalai Maavu | Buy online | Health Benefits | Nutrition values | Recipes

Kadalai Maavu in english besan flour and otherwise in tamil direct translation Peanut flour. Here, you can buy online, Free delivery available in coimbatore.

Kadalai Maavu Recipes

COLOUR LADDU Boondhi laddu :
one of the popular and authentic traditional Indian sweet. It is served on all special functions and religious occasions.  Laddus are sweetened round balls prepared using besan flour and sugar. Firstly, take besan flour in three cups and adding three different colors to it. Secondly, prepared  three different colors dough is used to prepare the color boondhi . Finally, Chopped nuts, raisins fried in ghee and cardamom powder enhance the taste.
     For detailed recipe you can watch the COLOUR LADDU videoLink on my Youtube channel Uma’s delicacies and Tips

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