Little Millets | சாமை 500g

Little Millets | சாமை 500g


Samai  சாமை (in Tamil) | Little millet (in English) | Kutki | Samalu

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Samai Rice | Little Millets | Buy Online | Health Benefits | Nutrition Value | Recipes

In this blog you can understand little millet. Little millet in tamil samai arisi. It having more health benefits according to the correct nutrition value. So, here we provide little millet benefits, little millet nutrition facts and samai rice recipes. Just scroll down get the information and suppose you have suggestion feel free to write on review section. We think, that will support people will get quality information. Here you can buy samai arisi on online and get high Quality samai millet delivery on door steps.

5 Attractive Samai Rice Benefits

  • Reduce the risk of heart attacks due to it contains magnesium in millet.
  • Help to lower cholesterol because of its vitamin B3.
  • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes, due to its low glycemic index food.
  • Little millets having slow digesting carbohydrates and dietary fiber. So, good diet for who likes to reduce body weight.
  • Prevent disease like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cataract, cancer, because good source of Potent Antioxidants.

Little millet nutrition facts 100g

  • Protein (10.13%),
  • Samai rice calories (65.55%), fat (3.89%),
  • Fiber (7.72%),
  •  Iron (1.26 mg/100g),
  • Phosphorous (130 mg/100g),
  • Zinc (1.82 mg/100g),
  • Magnesium (91.41 mg/100g),
  • Niacin (1.29 mg/100g)

little millet recipes

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Little Millets | சாமை

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