பூண்டு / Garlic

பூண்டு / Garlic

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Poondu / Garlic / பூண்டு

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Garlic 7 Health Benefits

  • Taking Poondu(in English Garlic) as a supplement daily reduces the effect of cold and Flu.
  • Garlic supplements reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes because it controls blood pressure.

*Negative from garlic don’t take overdoses it may increase blood pressure.

  • It improves cholesterol levels which may lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease as it has contains antioxidants.
  • Fight infectious disease, it may help you live longer.
  • Reduce fatigue and enhance work capacity.
  • Protect organ damage due to its sulfur.

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Poondu Recipes

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