Asafoetida | பெருங்காயம்

Asafoetida | பெருங்காயம்


பெருங்காயம் Perungayam (in Tamil) | Asafoetida (in English) |Heeng (in Hindi)

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Asafoetida | பெருங்காயம் | Online Shopping | Health Benefits | Nutritional Facts | Recipes

Perungayam Health Benefits

  1. Asafoetida will increase calcium and lactobacillus.
  2. Reduce the body heat, when we drink buttermilk with perungayam powder.
  3. Good medicine for menstrual problems. but pregnant women taking an overdose, it gives a negative effect.  
  4. Better effect for digestion and gastric problems, when we add with our regular food.
  5. Omam Water with Asafoetida is effective for relieving Constipation.


How to use Asafoetida with our Recipes

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  • Easy way to prepare Asafoetida Powder Making At Home Click Here to know

Perungayam (in Tamil) | Asafoetida (in English) |Heeng (in Hindi)

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