lavanga pattai | இலவங்க பட்டை

lavanga pattai | இலவங்க பட்டை

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lavanga pattai | இலவங்க பட்டை | Chinnamon (in English) | Dalchini (in Hindi)

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Cinnamon in tamil lavanga pattai here you can buy and find what are the health benefits, How to use with regular food and Nutrition values.

Six Health Benefits of Lavanga pattai

  • One of the good aroma spices, it also improves food taste.

  • Have some properties to remove chest cold.

Chest cold is the medical term for it is acute bronchitis. a chest cold or congestion usually caused by a virus and often occurs after an upper respiratory infection. A long period of a chest cold causes allergies, asthma, pneumonia, even lung cancer, or heart failure. Regular using cinnamon tea will relieve chest cold.

  • It increases the immune system when weekly once take Cinnamon Powder powder with tea or hot water.

  • lavanga pattai contains polyphenol oxidase, good for health.

Pohlyphenol oxide (PPO) is an enzyme. It may help prevent blood clots, reduce blood sugar levels, and lower heart disease risk. Polyphenols may also promote brain function, improve digestion and offer some protection against cancer. Intake cinnamon with our regular food, our body will receive these types of enzymes.

Cinnamon roll Recipes

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