சோளம் – Cholam


Cholam (in Tamil) | Jowar( in Hindi) | Sorghum (in English) | Jonna (in Telugu) | Jola (in Kannada) | Cholam (in malayalam) | Jowari Juar(in Gujarathi) | Jondhala (in Marathi)

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Cholam in English sorghum | Jowar | Benefits | Recipes | buy online

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of Cholam is in English?

Exploring the Meanings of Cholam in English sorghum.

Sorghum is another name for cholam millet. They don’t contain any cholesterol and are gluten-free. Bread, porridge, biscuits, cakes, cookies, etc. are all made using these grains.

Cholam under the category of millet is one of the higher content of calcium. Especially good food for babies.


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Cholam Health benefits

  1. Increase the strength of bones due to their higher calcium content.
  2. Helps in controlling bowel movement due to its good source of dietary fiber.
  3. Provides a nice dose of protein to the body that helps in building strong muscles.
  4. Helps to fight against Cardiac arrest as it has high Antioxidants.
  5. Higher iron content helps to fight against anemic problems.


Nutrition value

Serving Size 100 g

  • Calories                          329
  • Total Fat                         3.5g
  • Saturated Fat                0.6g
  • Total Carbohydrate      72g
  • Dietary Fiber                6.7g
  • Sugar                           2.5g
  • Protein                         11g
  • Calcium                        13.00mg
  • Iron 3.36mg
  • Potassium 363mg
  • Sodium 2mg
  • Thiamine   0.35mg
  • Riboflavin  0.14mg
  • Niacin        2.1mg
  • Folate         39.42mg


Cholam Recipes

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சோளம் – Cholam

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